Connells Fans Unite!

There are currently two fans lists devoted to The Connells

The Connells List
This is the oldest Connells list first created in 1993 by Art Jipson at the University of Dayton with 175 members that “discusses The Connells, North Carolina music, and great modern Southern rock music.  All topics related to The Connells are welcome.”

To subscribe, send an email to with “subscribe connells” in the body of your message and then your email address and name.  Send any questions or comments to


Old School Dropouts

This is an active Yahoo groups list with over 225 members run by Susan Byrd.  “This group is for fans of The Connells. It will include tour news, photos, discussion of past, present, and future albums, polls, and possibly, chat.”

To subscribe, send an email to

The Old School Dropouts list was formed in July of 2002.

You can find more information about this group at

Send any questions of comments to


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