Connells Email List

email imageAs you may have noticed, we are updating our records and distribution lists for The Connells Email List.
If you are a current subscriber and wish to have these messages go to a different email account, just send us that information and the first and last name you want to associate with the account.  If you know someone who is interested in joining our Connells Email List, you can either send us the contact information at or
Know that anyone can join the list by sending a simple command to the friendly Connells-loving listbot, Sympa at
To join The Connells Email List use the following command:
  • SUBSCRIBE listname firstname name
  • subscribe connells Robert Smith (for example)
    Requests sign-up to the specified Connells list. The firstname and name parameters are optional but helps with list management, this command is sent to the list owner for approval so that bots and spammers are avoided.
  • A complete list of Sympa commands can be found at:

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