Sold-Out Show in Richmond!

The Connells played a fantastic Sold-Out Show in Richmond, VA on May 5th! By permission of the band and the band’s management we were allowed to capture the first few minutes of the show!

The band has several dates coming up that we will share with all of you!

“And wishes, I suppose, mean nothing when, they’re tossed away” – Mike Connell, ‘I Suppose’


Show Tonight! And in September!

Cats CardleThe Connells are playing tonight as part of the wonderful Be Loud! Fundraising Concert tonight!!!
Tickets for this event can be purchased on the Cats Cradle website!  And are expected to sell out so plan accordingly Connells Fans! 
You can read more about the band’s participation in this fundraiser from the Herald Sun!
The Connells are also playing in Winston-Salem on September 19th at Ziggy’s  More information here:
The Connells are celebrating their 30th anniversary show this September 27th at the Raleigh Little Theatre — we are trying to get as many people to this show as possible! We know that the band is going to reflect on their entire catalog during this show. So expect some updates on this list as well as the Love The Connells page on Facebook, the onesimpleband twitter account, and of course on this page.
You can get tickets for the 30th anniversary show at the Raleigh Little Theatre on the Cats Cradle webpage!

In Memorial: Faye Hunter


Photo by Stephanie Chernikowski


We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to all of the family, friends, and fans of Faye Hunter.  She passed away on July 21st.  Her contributions to Let’s Active and countless other bands and musicians are well documented.  Thank you for the music Faye!  You can read a more complete description of Faye’s work here:  Faye Hunter, 1954 – 2013 ( and the announcement of her passing.