Upcoming Dates for The Connells

The Connells are playing a few dates that are likely to sell out, so make plans to go see them. Their shows have included a mix of classic Connells’ songs, a few new songs, and some amazing new arrangements.

Variety Playhouse

Saturday, June 23rd at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA – Sold out!

Sunday, June 24th at ATHfest in Athens, GA!  The Connells have not played in Athens since 2000. Tickets.

Friday, September 7th at the NorVa in Norfolk, VA! Tickets!

Saturday, September 8th the band returns to The National in Richmond, VA!  A venue that they sold out on May 5th! Tickets!!!

Where would you like to see the band play?


Connells Show at The Lincoln Theatre Feb. 27th!

The Connells 30th Anniversary ShowHello there Connells Fans!

We have good news to share!  The band will be playing the Lincoln Theatre this February!  You can learn more about the show and get tickets at the Lincoln Theatre Website!  Here’s hoping that the band will end the drought and play ‘Hats Off’ from their first record, Darker Days!

So, if you are planning on making the trip let us know at onesimpleband on gmail.com!

See you at the show! February

Show Tonight! And in September!

Cats CardleThe Connells are playing tonight as part of the wonderful Be Loud! Fundraising Concert tonight!!!
Tickets for this event can be purchased on the Cats Cradle website!  And are expected to sell out so plan accordingly Connells Fans! 
You can read more about the band’s participation in this fundraiser from the Herald Sun!
The Connells are also playing in Winston-Salem on September 19th at Ziggy’s  More information here:  http://ziggyrock.net/events/connells/
The Connells are celebrating their 30th anniversary show this September 27th at the Raleigh Little Theatre — we are trying to get as many people to this show as possible! We know that the band is going to reflect on their entire catalog during this show. So expect some updates on this list as well as the Love The Connells page on Facebook, the onesimpleband twitter account, and of course on this page.
You can get tickets for the 30th anniversary show at the Raleigh Little Theatre on the Cats Cradle webpage!

The Connells July 4th Show to be Rescheduled

25-atlgThe July 4, 2013 at the Raleigh Little Theater has been postponed and will be rescheduled.  You can get more information at the RLT and the Cat’s Cradle webpages and from The Connells Website as well as The Connells twitter stream at @connellsmusic.  As soon as more details about future shows by The Connells become available, we will share those here and on our twitter account at @onesimpleband.

The Connells Winston-Salem Show in Review

ImageThe Connells played the Cycling Classic on June 15th for the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic. Long time Connells fan, Marina Barra Riggio shared this review with us at OneSimpleBand.  Both Photos were taken by her at the show. 

Twenty years between the Winston-Salem show and the last time I’d seen The Connells perform seemed like mere days once the music started. It was as if time rewound, as their catchy beats and earthly enthusiasm engulfed me. I was not the only one feeling the connection as shouts of “Winston-Salem loves The Connells” were heard from the crowd. Though they hadn’t played together in public for about six months, per a comment from Mike Connell prior to the show, the band was relaxed and ready to entertain the welcoming Winston-Salem audience.

I am, admittedly, a Fun & Games enthusiast, so I was thrilled to hear the title track and “Hey Wow”, and would have loved to hear more from that CD. Even so, the tunes they chose spanned the range of their collection and kept the crowd tapping, moving, and singing along. In addition to the two Fun & Games songs, the playlist included favorites such as ’74-’75 (Ring), Get a Gun (One Simple Word), Over There (Boylan Heights), and Back in Blighty (Old School Dropouts). Doug MacMillan’s melodic range impressively carried the lead vocals through the scheduled performance as well as a humorous impromptu diversion as the sound crew worked through a technical glitch. Mike Connell confirmed that he is more than just a great songwriter when stepped into the lead vocal spot for Back in Blighty, with Doug on back-up vocals.

Last weekend’s performance proved that the band still “has it!” — the band established feeling and connection with the audience.  I hope that they add more dates and locations to their tour schedule, as I look forward to seeing them perform again in the not-too-distant future.  And so should you! Image