Video of The Day: Ever Want Me To – George Huntley

The Mark Pellington video was made to promote the song “Ever Want Me To” by George Huntley from his excellent TVT Records released solo album, BRAIN JUNK (1995).


Video for ‘Hats Off’

Darker DaysOne of the stellar tracks from The Connells’ first record ‘Darker Days’. Right out of the gate with their debut album, the band demonstrated their tight arrangements, distinctive guitar sound, thoughtful lyrics and driving rhythm. The band initially released the record in 1985 on their own independent label known as Black Park Records.

Connellsdarkerdays_ukDarker Days was also released by the Elvis Costello and partner’s Demon Records in the UK. At the time, Demon Records was known for several original new wave records since its founding in 1980.  As many have noted, the US version on Black Park and the UK version on Demon Records are quite different due to changes in cover art, song order and the substitution of “In My Head” for the instrumental “Dial It.”

The Black Park version of the album was re-released in 1987 on the band’s long time label, TVT Records as part of an effort to introduce the band’s earliest songs to a broader audience. It is important to note that many of the arrangements on Darker Days would lay the ground work for the band’s significant ‘Boylan Heights’ as we can hear with ‘Hats Off.’

Sold-Out Show in Richmond!

The Connells played a fantastic Sold-Out Show in Richmond, VA on May 5th! By permission of the band and the band’s management we were allowed to capture the first few minutes of the show!

The band has several dates coming up that we will share with all of you!

“And wishes, I suppose, mean nothing when, they’re tossed away” – Mike Connell, ‘I Suppose’