Fan Rankings and Memories

Doug feeling it during the Winson-Salem Cycling Classic, June 15, 2013. Photo by Marina Barra Riggio,

Doug feeling it during the Winson-Salem Cycling Classic, June 15, 2013. Photo by Marina Barra Riggio,

It is your chance to let everyone know your favorites!  What do you think of the Connells’ albums? What are your favorite Connells’ songs? Well, now is your chance to tell the world. Just mail me your 10 favorite songs (they must be in order) along with your rating of all of the Connells LP’s and EP’s. The rating system is from 1 to 10 with 10 being “Orgasmic”,

Use the following scale: 5 being “Apathy”, and 1 being “Frisbee”. We will try to update this page as often as I can, so send us your ratings at

As we receive more comments, we will add them to this page!  Thanks to the fans who have already shared their thoughts with us!


Craig Leska’s Fan Rankings:

A big thank you to all of you who took the time to vote. Here are the results. It was a ten for first, nine for second, etc… scale except for those who noted that there wasn’t any real order. All of those counted as 7 points each. Fifty-nine songs received at least 1 point! That just goes to show you the consistent quality of the Connells’ songs. And here’s the top 25 as voted by you, the Connell’s devoted fans:

1. FUN & GAMES: 95
2. NEW BOY: 94
3. 74-75: 64
10. I SUPPOSE: 42
11T. HEY YOU: 38
11T. DOIN YOU: 38
11T. MOTEL: 38
15T. MAYBE: 34
15T. HEY WOW: 34
18. GET A GUN: 33
20. LAY ME DOWN: 30
21. ANY: 29
25. THE JOKE: 24


1934: 20
TRY: 16


RING: 378
FUN & GAMES: 326
OSW: 226
WFAD: 159


Ratings as of 12-08-96

The Connells Top 10
Fun & Games – 68 points
’74-’75 – 60 points
Running Mary – 59 points
Stone Cold Yesterday – 50 points
Slackjawed – 42 points
New Boy – 36 points
Scotty’s Lament – 35 points
Get a Gun – 31 points
Two songs are tied – 24 points
Speak to Me
Three songs are tied – 20 points
Doin’ you
Pretty Rough
Hey You

How the albums rate:

Ring – 9.65
Boylan Heights – 8.57
Fun & Games – 8.57
Weird Food and Devastation – 8.55
One Simple Word – 8.53
New Boy EP – 7.75
Darker Days – 7.25

Top Ten songs
1. New boy
2. Home today
3. over there
4. Scotty’s Lament
5. Slackjawed
6. waiting my turn
7. Get a gun
8. Maybe
9. Darker Days
10. Any

Fun and Games 9.5
One simple word 9
Ring 8
Boylan Heights 7
Weird Food and Devastation 6.7
Darker Days 6.3
New Boy EP 6.1

Fan Memories

From Teri:

I saw The Connells live for the first time on 26 June 1998 at the KZON Listener Appreciation Concert @ The Cajun House in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Here are my
recollections from that night:

Last night I had *the best* time at The Connells concert!  My husband and I arrived at the venue at 5:30 (3 hours before the gig), and we ran into Mike reading a book in a
nearly-empty room right off of the bar.  We ran into Steve as he was trying to gather the rest of the guys for a soundcheck.  The band played a few songs and then did a cover of
“Angel from Montgomery” and ended with “Burden.”

My husband and I went back into the room where we’d met Mike earlier, and got to talk to Dave and George.  They were really cool and down-to-earth.  I could tell that Dave was
still pretty down about just losing his wife in April, but he was trying to put on a brave face. George talked with us about his solo album and guitars and other musical stuff.

After just slumming around some more, Mike came over and “officially” introduced himself. He chatted with us for about 45 minutes about everything from the book he was reading
“The Executioner” (about a mass murderer from Utah) to what other Triangle bands are cool (he said to check out Hobex) to radio airplay of their new album (Still Life).  Mike had
to run and wolf down some food before the gig started, so he left my husband and I to the Yankees vs. the Braves on TV.

About 7:45 the opening band–Bit o’ Jane–started to play, and I found George standing behind us.  I teased him about him playing the “I wonder how long I can stand in the crowd
without being noticed” game.  Mike joined him a bit later, and Dave watched the opening band from the balcony above the floor.

The Connells FINALLY took the stage after Athaenaeum–which were pretty good–and my husband and I were packed like sardines in the row right in front of the stage.  Mike, Dave,
George and Steve kept making eye contact with us and laughing as I made funny faces and aped them playing their instruments.  Steve kept wrinkling his nose, which would
make Mike and George grin really big.  Doug was–well, just Doug.  What a card.  My husband and I danced our legs off, and we were more than a bit hoarse by the end of the
fantastic.  Mike handed me the setlist after they finished as a keepsake.  (I still have it, BTW! 🙂 )

After the show I went to grab a Still Life poster off of the wall in the main venue room, but
they had all disappeared.  I went looking for ones that might have been missed and
literally smacked into Mike holding a HUGE beer.  After apologizing for almost making him
spill everywhere, I asked Mike if he knew of any posters that were still up.  He said he
didn’t, but that he’d send me one from Raleigh if I gave him my name and address.  Mike
even scrounged up a pen and wrote my info on a napkin.  What a fine Southern

I never really expected Mike to send me a poster from Raleigh, but you can imagine my
surprise as about two weeks later a huge tube arrived in the mail.  It was addressed from
Connells Music, Inc., and I just about fainted when I realized what must be inside.  Mike not
only sent me a poster, but he personalized it and had all the guys autograph it.  He also
enclosed a sweet, handwritten letter thanking us for coming out to the show and said that
he’d enjoyed talking to us.

That concert was 11 years ago, and I still talk about it and remember how excited I was to
be there.  If The Connells ever come out west again, I’m there!


From RB:
The way I remember it:

Well, the earlier years were sort of a blur. Having heard the Connells on 106.3
WHTG (central NJ) back when alternative rock still had more elbow room. Matt
Pinfield (the legendary Mr. 120 minutes VJ), Loretta Windez, and Rob Ackenpora
(wonder if that guy is still in those God-awful sweatpants)… played the greatest
music ever heard, with the freedom to play the music they felt fit. sadly long gone
are the days without rotation-radio. Too our great fortune, the WHTG crew dished
up the Connells often.

I believe my first meet up with the Connells had been in Long Branch, NJ. My brother Pete
had befriended Doug and George during a previous show (so, it wasn’t actually ‘The’
Connell brothers)… the show might have been at Asbury Park, NJ’s Limelight. As with all
the shows at the Limelight with the Connells, they were jammed with people (well over
capacity). The word that I would use to describe the general feeling among the people
that came to see them play, would have to be exhilarated (some of us were exhilarated
and very intoxicated). The only two other bands to bring such energy to the area might
have been the Feelies and Dramarama.

It wasn’t before long the Connells began to play closer to where I grew up, at the Joey
Harrison’s Surf Club. Several of those shows I reckon something about Wild Turkey and
pre-show warm ups in Seaside Heights. One of those shows I woke up face on the floor in
the back of the Blue Malibu wagon. Due to previous experiences, I expect I had a good

Several years down, I had been pining over the good times. I believe it was something like
’95. I had nothing better to do than to harass their record company into sending them out
to play on the west coast. So, I sent the TVT Records promotional staff a nasty gram
about how it’s all their fault the Connells weren’t the megastars on every rock station
throughout the country… or throughout the world! (you get the picture) I’m not exactly
sure if I had any influence but sure enough, several months later I come to find that the
Connells are playing the House of Blues in West Hollywood. This worked for me because I
lived no more than a mile east of there at the time.

This House of Blues was very memorable because the band had found out about my
e-mails. I had brought a drummer friend with me, he wasn’t too sure to believe me with all
the tales of past experiences seeing them play. On top of that, I wasn’t too sure the
e-mails to TVT had made any impact what-so-ever. Then all of a sudden Doug leads into
‘Stone Cold Yesterday’ with an announcement, saying ‘thank you for all the e-mails and
keep them com’in in, this one goes out to Rob’… my drummer friend’s (typical cocky
drummer dude… not stereotyping Peele) jaw drops down to his chest, looking at me, as
we are looking down upon the band from the balcony above (as you might be able to tell,
details are slightly more vivid as I had quit drinking for several years, makes for better

Now, that I’m nearing old fartism, coming up on 42.. Since becoming a father of a (now 10
yr old) girl, I’ve moved to Maryland. LA is no place to raise a child, <<<my opinion. It is
great to have a chance to see the Connells in action at least one more time. Furthermore,
I am delighted to know that I will recall most of the show, dispite my years, without waking
to a fuzzy tongue stuck to the floor of a dirty wagon.

From FH:

My first experience seeing the Connells was in the late 80’s. I  was home from college
(USF) during Christmas break, When a life long friend of mine told about this great band-
he had swam at ECU with Doug MacMillan and had followed The Connells while living in
NC. We went to this small all age venue in Jacksonville beach, fl known as Einstein a Go
Go.  I had previously that summer saw Soul Asylum, Camper Van Beethoven and the
Indigo Girls at the go go, so i was very curious how these guys were.

They opened for 10,000 Maniacs but they clearly blew them off the stage. There encore
version of Bon Jovi ‘dead or alive” & the Ringo Starr Classic “photograph” sent me directly
to the t-shirt booth to purchase their album.

I saw them the following summer at the same venue on the Fun & Games tour as the
headliner. Once again i was truly touched by the show. But at this time, i just graduated
from school and was getting ready to take on the real world.

After several years delay, my last time to see the Connells was when I took my future wife
and lifelong friend to see the Weird Food and Devastation tour at club in orage park,
Florida. Tonic opened for the boys just as “Lemon Parade” was hitting the alternative and
rock charts. But once again Doug and the boys put on a superior performance.

I am a 44 year old teacher and swim coach living in north Florida now but still need my
daily Connells fix to get me through the day. The Connells are one of the most influential
alternative rock bands of our time but extremely ignored by the mainstream but I am glad
to hear they still want to make great music. I am looking forward to growing old with the

The band is naming its Compilation, Another Souvenir.  What do you
think it should be called?  Do you agree with the band or would you
choose something different?

Stone Cold Yesteryear:  The Best of the Connells
Brighterworlds: The Best of the Connells
Waiting my Turn: The Connells’ Collection
The Best of The Connells
Ten Pins Down: The Greatest Songs from the Best Rock Band
The Last Gentlemen’s School: The Best Of The Connells

Several fans have written in to tell us that they like the working title that
the band is using.  What title would you suggest?

Send your suggestions to
All suggestions will be shared with the band.

*Perfect Connells Show*

What would be the perfect set list for your dream Connells show?
Would you end the show with Stone Cold Yesterday?  Or would you do
something different?

Write in and tell us what would be your perfect Connells show.
Bill suggests that the best Connells show would have:

Hey Wow
Back in Blightly
I Suppose
What Do You Want
Hey You
Running Mary
Stone Cold Yesterday
Lay Me Down
Waiting My Turn
Hello Walter
and end with Take A Bow

Dave suggests that the perfect show would include:

1. Dull Brown & Grey
2. Take a Bow
3. Fun N Games
4  Back in Blightly
5. Running Mary
6. Speak to Me
7. Try
8. Slackjaw
9. Carry My Picture
10. Set the Stage
11.  74-75
12. Scotty’s Lament
13. Maybe
14. Hang On
15. Gladiator Heart
16. New Boy
17. Get a Gun
18. Stone Cold Yesterday

Another Perfect set list from Jason
OK, here’s my ultimate set list … it’s a little long
so it would have to be a two-night doubleheader.

Carry My Picture
Scotty’s Lament
Stone Cold Yesterday
Fun & Games
Gladiator Heart
Over There
Get A Gun
Pretty Rough
Logan Street
Hey Wow
If It Crumbles
Rusted Fields
I Suppose
Darker Days

Hey You
Fifth Fret
Ten Pins
Upside Down
Set The Stage
Choose A Side
Something To Say
Back In Blighty
Gonna Take A Lie
Speak To Me
Soul Reactor
Running Mary
Still Life
Take A Bow

Send your suggestions to — All suggestions will be shared with the band.


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