The Connells Question of the Day


Mike Connell, George Huntley, and Doug MacMillan interview photo taken by Stacee Killian. Photo used with permission.

If you could put together your dream concert with The Connells – what bands would you have play with them?  Remember this is your dream concert – so it should include where, when, and any fun details that you would like to add to your fantasy concert.  Is it a festival?  Is the concert next to the ocean?  Please let us know here at what your dream concert would look like – all responses will be shared with the band.  And we will share the results here at onesimpleband! 

The Connells July 4th Show to be Rescheduled

25-atlgThe July 4, 2013 at the Raleigh Little Theater has been postponed and will be rescheduled.  You can get more information at the RLT and the Cat’s Cradle webpages and from The Connells Website as well as The Connells twitter stream at @connellsmusic.  As soon as more details about future shows by The Connells become available, we will share those here and on our twitter account at @onesimpleband.