Stone Cold Yesterday: The Best of The Connells


On September 9th, 2016 – The Connells will release their long awaited and first-ever Best Of collection of songs from throughout their long career!

The collection includes many favorites and popular songs from albums such as Boylan Heights, Fun & Games, One Simple Word, Ring, Weird Food & Devastation, Still Life, and the New Boy EP.  The collection includes some of their most loved songs and fan favorites such as the international smash ’74-’75 from Ring.  The collection also includes deep cuts such as Something to Say, Slackjawed (which the band performed on Conan O’Brien), Uninspired, and Just Like That from Weird Food & Devastation.

From The Bicycle Music Press Release announcing this collection:



Set’s 16 indie-rock gems from the classic Connells era, 1987-1998, include debut radio single “Stone Cold Yesterday” and the worldwide hit “’74-’75”

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — On September 9, 2017, The Bicycle Music Company/Concord Music Group will release Stone Cold Yesterday: Best of the Connells, the pioneering Southern indie-rock band’s first-ever greatest hits package, collecting 16 college radio and modern-rock singles from 1987 to 1998, including their first breakthrough radio hit, “Stone Cold Yesterday,” and the influential worldwide phenomenon “’74-75.”

The Connells’ run of albums include Boylan Heights, Fun & Games, One Simple Word, Ring, New Boy, Weird Food & Devastation, and Still Life, with producers ranging from Mitch Easter (R.E.M./Let’s Active) and Hugh Jones (Simple Minds) and Lou Giordano (Bob Mould) to Tim Harper (Whiskeytown) and Jim Scott (Wilco).

The Raleigh, N.C.-based Connells have quietly built a fan base following their 1984 inception, cementing their status as a perennial college radio-era band that influenced an alternative-rock generation.

In the ’90s, the Connells finally broke through to international success with their second single, “’74-’75,” from their fifth album, Ring, reaching #1 across Europe and certified Gold in Germany, Norway and Sweden. Thirty-plus years later, the band continues to tour and record, with a new generation discovering them.

Current members include Mike Connell, David Connell, Doug MacMillan, Steve Potak, Mike Ayers, Rob Ladd and Joel Rhodes.

According to Doug MacMillan, “When The Connells first learned that The Bicycle Music Company would be acquiring our catalog, we were absolutely thrilled. Now we eagerly await the Best Of… release and the shows we’ll be playing to help get the word out!”

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Artistic License

Some old Tour Stories… Artistic license

From Doug McMillan: “I used to do this thing called the ‘Art Exchange.’ These hotels in Louisiana and Mississippi have really ‘precious’ prints on the walls, really dated and cheesy pictures. So I would take the prints out and put them above my bunk in the bus. I had this one of a bayou scene that was just unbelievable, it was so bad. In the frame, I would substitute my own little collage and hope they wouldn’t notice — an American Express card application, a washcloth, the soap wrapper. Some of them were pretty good. I wish I could’ve gotten feedback on what they thought.

“Anyway, we came back from that tour and [our manager] looked at me funny and said, ‘We got some strange bills here; what were you doing?’ So I had to quit.”