The Connells - WS 0613 (9)The Connells have released a number of videos (none of which has
really gotten much air play on MTV, VH1, MTV2, FUSE, Top of the Pops
…Damn It!). The ones listed below are all of the elusive music videos
that we know about. If you know of any others, please contact us.

You can take a look at these videos on The Connells website

The Connells Video Listing


Hats Off 

Scotty’s Lament 

Over There  

Something To Say  

Stone Cold Yesterday 

Get A Gun 



The video for “74-75” was made about the time that the class of 1975 was having their 20-year-reunion. They were having their 30-year-reunion the same weekend as the
Rally for Meeker concert at The Pour House on 10/06/05, but only one or two from the reunion were in the crowd.

From watching the video you can determine that it was filmed at Raleigh, North Carolina’s Broughton High School. Peele and George went there in the early 1980’s. Video was shot of the actual class of 1974 and 1975 as shown in senior snapshots and then showed them as they appear today.

New Boy 

Fifth Fret 


Connells Videos at Yahoo!

Connells Videos at YouTube!

We are always looking for additional links to videos and live performances, please send any information and suggestions to


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