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Fan Memories: Jack Waddell

Jack WaddellSo this story starts back in 1986.
I was a freshman in college, part of the Virginia Wesleyan soccer team, and basically alone on campus except for my team members. We were in the midst of ‘3 a day’ practices in the heat of a Virginia August when I was first introduced to The Connells.
One day, what has turned out to be my best life long friend, began blasting “Darker Days ” from down the hall in the dorm. That album would become our pre-game ritual. Hats off, 1934, and the rest got us ready to play. We would later form a band of our own and cover some of those tunes that got us through our freshman year.
Now, 30 years later, I have come to find out that I have a closer connection with the band in that a high school friend is married to a band member. I am honored to have been able to make friends with the Connell brothers and get to know them on a more personal level. They were and still are a musical inspiration to my own music and band.
That is something that I am grateful for.
Jack Waddell
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